Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 28 - Tucson area bus tour

The morning was crisp and cold
There wasn’t a cloud in the sky
We was ready for more places to behold
We was all lined up ready to go
Mission San Xavier del  Bac
Was much like the Alamo
It has been there for many a year
The guide we had was friendly and smart
He knew all the facts from A to Z
Time flew by till time to depart

The city tour was short and sweet
We saw what we could but that wasn’t much
The city was busy fixing the streets
The next place we stopped was really neat
It had a salad bar with all kinds of things
The best thing it was all you could eat

Biosphere 2 is an amazing place
They lived there two long years
All under glass they was totally encased
They breathed the same air
And drank the same water
No sickness no pain did any occur

The next place was a great big canyon
It was rocky and rough but a beautiful place
A little Grand Canyon is a good comparison

The Gaslight Theatre was our next stop
We all took our seats and started to eat
We ate popcorn and pizza till ready to pop
The show was funny and really neat
They rode their horses and sang good songs
They wore pretty costumes that was really neat
Then it was over and time to go home
Ready for tomorrow and the Aircraft museum
Emmy was glad we finally got home

Submitted by:
#14 Joe and Donna Risley

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