Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 5 - Palm Springs Touring again

We started out Tuesday morning with "the best guide in Palm Springs" telling us about the tamarisk trees along the railroad tracks protecting them from blowing sand.  We drove through 3500 wind turbines, the center of the San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm.  Impressive sight!  A stop at the Joshua Tree Visitors Center and then into the park.  The trees are protected and cannot be killed.  It is a beautiful windy area with interesting rock formations.  Everyone enjoyed the park.

Great lunch afterwards at the Yucca Valley Sizzler.  Very good.

On to Cabots Pueblo Museum.  Cabot Yerza - an eccentric fellow who really believed in recycling. It is a mix of tiny rooms and sheds in the Pueblo tradition.  A lot of history, neat old pictures - fun to go through.

Last, the Thousand Palms Oasis with the unusual "Washingtonian" palm trees and their "skirts."  Our guide lived up to his title and we had a great day.

Submitted by:
#5 Vince, Pat and Tommy Giardina

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