Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 21 - Quartzsite, AZ

WELCOME TO OUR FIRST FULL DAY AT QUARTZSITE.  More about the camels in their welcome sign will follow.

The morning started out very cloudy and a little mist was in the air as Jim & Claudia Miller joined Bob & Janice Eldred on our walk over to La Mesa RV Dealer for our free pancake breakfast.  It seems that the rest of the crew decided to drive over.  Once our breakfast was finished and we checked out a couple of RV's we headed back over I-10 to check out the big tent where the RV show is taking place. 

After the 4 of us checked into the Adventure Caravans booth we separated and each couple did their own thing looking at all the booths' wares and fantastic offers.  Since each person had the day to do what they wanted to do here in Quartzsite, each couple pretty much took in what interested them. Lots of vendors line the street and go back into lots of nooks and crannies.

After much walking around at the show, we returned to our RV for a light late lunch and a brief rest before leaving in our truck to search out the city itself.  We tried to find a small garden, but was unsuccessful, but did see where they are trying to revitalize an older part of town with new offers of sites for sale, both for homes and RV's. 

We did find an old cemetery in Tyson Wells - HI JOLLY MEMORIAL.  This memorial honors Hadji Ali, nicknamed Hi Jolly by the soldiers and pioneers.  This Arab came to Arizona in 1856 with an Army consignment of camels.  The camels adapted well to their new area, but they scared the cattle, horses and mules to stampede.  The ashes of his favorite camel is burned in the memorial shaped liked a pyramid at this location.  Hence the reason for the camels in the city's welcome signs.

At the evening social, everyone shared what they bought or saw during the day. 

Tomorrow is another free day to shop until we drop. 

Submitted by:
#4 Bob and Janice Eldred

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