Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 20 - Travel day to Quartzsite, AZ

Early this morning, Beverly sat outside and photographed the beautiful sunrise before we got ready to leave Lake Havasu City.

It is our travel day from Lake Havasu to Quartzsite.  We headed south on Highway 95 to Junction I-10.

Quartzsite is a gathering of thousands of RV’s of all descriptions in a desert setting.  Many of the units were dry camped.  However, we were fortunate to have a large, graded, open campground with sewer, water and electric.

We ventured to the huge display of new and used RV’s, tools, repairs, and add-ons, which were applicable to the RV lifestyle.

The members of the caravan gathered at 5pm for the daily social.  Everyone was at ease with a good trip and new places to explore at the big show here.

Submitted by:
#3 Beverly and Stuart Blythe

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