Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 12 - Laughlin, Nevada - "Winter Break"

Today, like the last few, was cold (freezing this morning) and windy (in excess of 20 mph).  In the sun and out of the wind (a combination that was hard to find), it was actually not too bad.

This was our first full day in Laughlin and at the “Senior Winter Break”.  The afternoon started with a variety show with our staff and some of the guests in attendance.

The Variety Show was followed by the Homecoming Queen Contest in which the contestants ranged in age from their 60’s to one lady who was 86.  The first part of the contest had each lady going to the center of the stage and talking about her community service and then modeling her formal wear.  This part was somewhat boring, although individually and collectively these ladies had quite a record of community service, and much of the crowd left.  

The second part of the contest was the talent portion and for those of us who remained, these senior citizen ladies put on quite a show.

The evening saw a second variety show, attended by the staff and us.  Unlike the afternoon show which featured Las Vegas performers, this show featured some very talented amateurs.  Most of whom were over 60 and at least one lady was 74.   

A highlight of Laughlin has been the coupons for the Riverside Hotel’s buffet.  Here is part of our group using one of their dinner coupons.  There are going to be a lot of RV tires that will need additional air when we depart on Thursday.e

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#12 John and Marilyn McGrew

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