Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 19 - Lake Havasu - tour of London Bridge

The balloons are gone; all is quiet on the western front.  Today we did a rideshare over to the London Bridge for a guided tour.  Our guide, Yon, who was from the Netherlands, first had us go through the visitor’s center and look at pictures of the bridge throughout history starting from the 1200’s, to the most recent version that we see here today.  Back then, there were houses across the bridge. 

The bridge was purchased by Robert McCullough in 1968 for use as a tourist attraction in his master planned community of Lake Havasu City, Arizona.  The bridge is hollow.  Only the exterior granite stones were used in order to keep the weight down. 

Yon took us up a flight of 51 granite steps on one side of the bridge, walked us across the bridge where we crossed to the other side and descended back down a slightly lesser number of steps. 

One very interesting thing he showed us was where two soldiers had carved their names and the date under the bridge in 1942. 

After our tour, we visited the Candle Factory for a candle carving demonstration.  There were hundreds of candles in this shop.  We watched the carving, and then several of us went on to other places.  A few folks had lunch together, some did some shopping.  

At 5:00 we all gathered once again in the Satellite Room for another staff-prepared dinner.  Tonight it was nachos and margaritas!

After we left there, a few gathered at the lakefront property of the Blythe’s again, with a nice fire, provided by Joe’s Campfire in a Can.

We leave here tomorrow for Quartzsite.  We have been having wonderful weather.  Hope it continues.

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#2 Spence and Madi Schaaf

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  1. So glad to see that everyone was kept warm by the Campfire In A Can! Thank you very much for sharing the photos :)

    Nicole S.
    Campfire In A Can