Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 3 - Palm Springs Free Day

The day started cool and sunny.  The staff cooked a pancake breakfast or us and then the rest of the day was free.

#1 John and Sally were going to "clean."
#2 Spence and Madi (Spence) needed to check rigs.
#3 Stuart and Beverly made a "Walmart run."
#4 Bob and Janice had uncertain plans.
#5 Vince, Pat, and Tommy were meeting friends.
#6 Verner and Sue went with #3 on the "Walmart run."
#7 John and Connie went to church and then rested.
#8 John and Brenda went "touring."
#9 Jim and Claudia went to Joshua Tree National Park.
#10 Verne and Paula were doing laundry and resting.
#11 Aldo and Cece wanted to rest.
#12 John and Marilyn were not sure what they were going to do.
#14 Joe and Donna went "jeeping."
#15 Bill and Norma hoped to get their phone repaired.
#16 Bill and Carole went  looking for parts and then rested.
#17 Reg and Marge were going to church and then go "tour."
#18 Greg and Jean were going to do as little as possible.

In the late afternoon, an impromptu social was held with those still in camp, and after the sun went down Joe Risley brought over his "portable" fire pit.

Submitted by:
Rig #3 Beverly and Stuart Blythe

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