Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 13 - Laughlin, Nevada - trip to Oatman

Early in the morning with the third cup down
We jumped in our cars and headed to town

We were going to see a gun fight in the middle of the street
When we got there the Burros were neat
They pushed us around wanting something to eat

Oatman is a town that time left behind
When you are there many antiques you will find
The gunfight was real for this I am certain
When they finished shooten the one on the ground was certainly hurten

The place I liked best had money on the walls
I would liked to have taken it but I’m not that tall

On the way back we went down this trail
It was rocky and steep and scary as h____
Going up wasn’t bad we made it just fine
But when we started down she began to unwind
When we got down with a smile on her face
Never again will we go to that place

When we got back and settled down
It was time to hit the Casino and eat another round

I like the ice-cream best of all
I can make a cone that is very tall

We had the travel meeting then played a game
I didn’t win because Spence didn’t call the right name

Submitted by:
#14 Joe and Donna Risley

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