Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 27 - Travel Day to Tucson, AZ

After four days in Mesa at the Mesa Regal RV Resort our group moved on to Tucson. Mesa Regal was not suited for our group. We were scattered throughout the Park feeling isolated from one another! Parking was very very challenging missing a Citrus Tree on one side and the lamp post on the other side.  Driving out of these sites was just as Challenging as the sites were so tight.

Traveling down Interstate 10 we saw Sally and John our Leaders, along the road about one hour from our Destination. The Huettemann’s pulled over and picked up Sally while John stayed with the Truck and 5th wheel waiting for the Tow Truck. We arrived at the Park and Sally took charge and got everyone all checked in and we all enjoyed a rest before our evening social. What a Pleasure to be grouped together again.

We gathered for our Social at 4:30 and enjoyed all the treats everyone contributed. We then played the gift exchange game and enjoyed many a laugh. We all had a good time and the coveted gifts which were stolen the Maximum times were the flashlights, Carmel Corn and wooden salad tongs. Joe’s dog Emma and Madi’s Kitty Missy enjoyed watching all the activities from their traveling homes. 

Sally and Madi presented each couple a gift to help remember our trip, which was a Donkey magnet which will always bring fond memories of our trip to Oatman.

Just as our evening Social was ending our Wagon Master John rolled into the park about 6 p.m. He got his fifth wheel into his site and the truck in the garage for repairs. Cold, Rain, Wind or Break Downs the Caravan goes on. 

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#11 Aldo & Cece Risi

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