Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day 10 - Las Vegas - Free Day

Today our blogger was not feeling well so we all jumped in to cover the day's activities.  Since it was a free day, many took off to do their own thing.  Others used it as a day to relax.  Joe and Donna were adventurous enough to take a trip to Death Valley.  Here is their contribution to the blog in the form of a poem and some photos:

Death Valley

It was a cold winter day with lots of records broke they say

We had to get out and see something new

So off to Death Valley we flew

When we got there it was sunny and warm

So we knew there was no chance of a winter snowstorm

We saw the dry lake bed that was flat as could be

From this point we knew we were far below the sea

We stopped at the visitors center and saw a good show

The ranger said Echo Valley was the place to go

We found the trail and headed up hill

The trail was easy with not much of a thrill

But the scenery was great and we enjoyed it much

We looked at it closely but did not touch

The time ran out and we headed for home

With memories of the trip and more places to roam

Joe and Donna

Cece and Aldo went to Fremont Street to do some reminiscing.  While there, Aldo posed as a "living sculpture" with a cowboy there.  They were brave, as the temperatures barely got out of the 30's today and they had to walk outdoors to take advantage of the venues.  

John and Brenda said that one of the most amazing things they learned about Las Vegas was that they were able to go to church right off the Las Vegas Strip.  Guardian Angel Cathedral is right behind the Encore Hotel/Casino.  They stopped by the indoor garden at the Wynn after breakfast. 

 They also had a chance to see the completed display at the Conservatory at the Bellagio Hotel.  This display was celebrating the Chinese New Year.  

At the end of the day, we had a wonderful potluck in the campground's meeting room.  As usual, the food was delicious and plenty of it.  Sally made some points with the men by letting them go first to go get their food.  

Submitted by group effort..... thanks everyone!

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