Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 17 - Lake Havasu - Balloon Festival - Day 3

Another perfect day at the Lake Havasu Balloon Festival!  Every launch is different.  The variety of colors and shapes was endless, but today we saw something we’d never seen before – two identical balloons in the shape of panda bears.

Today’s winds carried some of the balloons out over Lake Havasu.  Since it would be a 75-mile drive around the lake for the chase crew to retrieve a balloon that landed on the other side, the balloons dropped ropes to boats waiting below so that they could be towed back to our side of the lake. 

The pilot of the panda bear balloon actually dipped his basket in the water – we’re told that’s the sign of a really skillful pilot!

The winds also carried the balloons directly over the campground, allowing those who slept in this morning to get up close and personal without ever leaving their rigs.

After the launch we headed back to the RV to sort and edit the 235 photos we’d already taken.  Meanwhile biplanes and skydivers soared overhead, visible from our rear window.

For dinner we headed back to the food court, which featured just about everything from Greek salad and pizza to BBQ and chocolate dipped fruit kabobs.  Afterwards the balloon glow lit up the chilly night sky.

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#18 Greg and Jean Truax

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